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Keywords: Shops And Services Medicine, Biology And Health Health And Illness Forming Questions Verb Be Situation Based

In this practical dialogue-aided lesson, you’ll learn words and phrases to use at a pharmacy. You also can review the names of common health problems and practise forming questions to ask a pharmacist. The lesson also includes a dialogue in which a customer goes to a chemist with a prescription.


  1. Listening the audio
  2. Listening again
  3. Listening and reading the transcription at the same time
  4. Make the exercice.


Pharmacist: Next, please.

Customer: Hi. I have this prescription for Bactrim from my doctor. Do you have it in stock?

Pharmacist: Let me see. Hmm, give me a minute to check. Yes, we have it – here it is.

Customer: Oh, good.

Pharmacist: Now, you need to take these pills twice a day with meals, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Customer: How long do I need to take them for?

Pharmacist: Five days. It’s important that you finish the whole package.

Customer: Okay. Are there any side effects?

Pharmacist: Er, you might feel a little sleepy, so if you do, it’s better that you don’t drive.

Customer: That’s good advice. Is there anything else that I should know?

Pharmacist: Yes. It’s a good idea to take probiotics with this medicine.

Customer: Oh, what do they do?

Pharmacist: They help the good bacteria in your stomach. I recommend these.

Customer: Are they expensive?

Pharmacist: No, not very.

Customer: Hmmm, well okay then. Can I pay with my card?

Pharmacist: Of course, just tap it on the machine. Thank you.

Customer: Great, thanks. And thanks for your help.

Pharmacist: No problem. Bye.

Customer: Bye.