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Este é um exercício para você!

1. Veja o vídeo com concentração;
2. Escute somente o audio e veja o que você entendeu;
3. Veja a transcrição em inglês;
4. Faça a tradução escrevendo em um papel;
5. Compare a transcrição com a tradução;
6. Anote 10 vezes às palavras novas que você aprendeu;
7. Repita em voz alta às palavras às quaia aprendeu.


Cantores: Shakira e Black Eyed Peas

00:14 I’m here because I have a very important
00:18 message I think we have found the most
00:21 important factor for success and it was
00:24 found close to here Stanford psychology
00:29 professor took kids that were 4 years
00:31 old and put them in a room all by
00:34 themselves and he would tell the child
00:37 four-year-old kid Johnny I’m going to
00:40 leave you here with a marshmallow for 15
00:43 minutes if after I come back this
00:46 marshmallow is here you will get another
00:49 one so you will have to to tell a
00:53 four-year-old kid to wait 15 minutes for
00:56 something that they like it’s equivalent
00:58 to tell us we’ll bring you coffee in two
01:00 hours exactly covalent so what happened
01:06 when the professor left the room as soon
01:09 as the door closed two or three eighty
01:14 marshmallow five seconds 10 seconds 40
01:17 seconds 50 seconds two minutes four
01:19 minutes eight minutes some lasted 14 and
01:22 a half minutes you couldn’t do it
01:25 good no wait what’s interesting is that
01:29 one out of three would look at the
01:32 marshmallow and go like this we’ll look
01:37 at it put it back
01:40 they would walk around they would play
01:42 with their skirts and pants that child
01:45 already at 4:00 understood the most
01:49 important principle for success which is
01:52 the ability to delay gratification
01:56 self-discipline the most important
01:58 factor for success 15 years later 14 15
02:02 years later follow-up story what did
02:06 they find
02:06 they went to look for these kids who
02:08 were now 18 and 19 and they found that
02:11 100 percent of the children that had not
02:14 eaten the marshmallow were successful
02:16 they had good grace they were doing
02:18 wonderful they they were happy they had
02:21 their plans they had good relations with
02:23 the teachers students they were doing
02:24 one fine a great percentage of the kids
02:27 that eighty marshmallow they were in
02:29 trouble they did not make it to the
02:30 University they had bad grades some of
02:32 them dropped out a few were still there
02:35 with bad grades a few had good grades I
02:37 had a question in my mind what Hispanic
02:39 kids react the same way as the American
02:41 kids so I went to Colombia and I
02:44 reproduce the experiment and it was very
02:46 funny I used four five and six years old
02:48 kids and let me show you what happened
02:50 hasta perineal cuatro años es attract
02:54 evil idea de tener el Cinco ciento de
02:56 retour Melendez e’en MP Newton’s sin
02:59 embargo algunos de ellos tan pronto la
03:02 puerta cero
03:05 male anatomy
03:32 otro en cambio resist earrin olympos Oh
04:05 No
04:46 so what happened in Colombia Hispanic
04:50 kids two or three ad marshmallow one or
04:53 three did not this little girl was
04:55 interesting she ate the inside of the
04:58 marshmallow in other words 200 us to
05:01 think that he had not eaten so she will
05:03 get to but she ate it so we know she’ll
05:05 be successful but we have to watch her
05:07 Hey she should not go into banking for
05:11 example or work in a cash register but
05:14 she will be successful and this applies
05:17 for everything even in sales the sales
05:19 person that that customer says I want
05:23 that and say okay here you are the
05:25 personality marshmallow if the service
05:27 person said wait a second let me ask you
05:29 a few questions to see this is a good
05:30 choice then you sell a lot more so this
05:32 has this has applications in all walks
05:36 of life I end with the Koreans did this
05:40 you know what is so good we want a
05:42 marshmallow book for children and they
05:44 we did one for children and now it’s all
05:46 over Korea they teaching these kids
05:48 exactly this principle and we need to
05:50 learn that principle here in the States
05:51 because we have a big debt we’re eating
05:53 more marshmallows than we’re producing
05:55 thank you so much

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